About the FSDEA

  • Is the FSDEA considered a stabilization fund?Open or Close
  • Is this Fund linked to Sonangol and the Oil Industry?Open or Close
  • When will the Social Charter be implemented?Open or Close
  • What focus will the Social Charter have?Open or Close
  • Why was the FSDEA established?Open or Close
  • How is the Fund different from other Sovereign Wealth Funds in the region?Open or Close
  • What does FSDEA want to achieve?Open or Close
  • Who benefits from the returns?Open or Close
  • Is FSDEA a private company or a government body?Open or Close
  • What is its association with the Government? Is the President of the Republic of Angola involved in the Fund’s decisions?Open or Close
  • Who leads the Fund?Open or Close

Assets under Management

Investment Strategy and Portfolio

Governance and Transparency